Avon man to get adult beagles back


FARMINGTON — An Avon man accused of abandoning nine beagles for two days in an unheated, open garage on Dec. 29 is not expected to be prosecuted on criminal animal cruelty charges, a state prosecutor said.

David Ellis, 46, must comply with an agreement reached Wednesday and take care of his dogs as outlined by Maine statute, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins said Friday.

He also needs to pay restitution for veterinary care, plus room and board at an animal shelter, stay out of trouble and comply with an agreement reached Wednesday during a civil hearing in District Court.

The agreement allows Ellis to get six adult dogs returned to him, Robbins said.

Ellis has shown that he has built a new kennel that conforms to rules for canine structures, he said.

Ellis agreed to surrender three 10-week old puppies on Dec. 29 to the state Animal Welfare Program, according to a signed court document.


Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Andrew Morgan responded to a complaint of abandoned dogs Dec. 29 in Freeman Township. The temperature was minus 22, not factoring in wind chill, according to a report filed with the court by Angela Rogers, a district humane agent for Franklin County.

All nine dogs were in separate kennels shivering in an open, unheated garage. None had food or drinkable water, according to the report. A few dogs tested positive for Lyme disease and all tested positive for intestinal parasites, according to Rogers’ report.

The dogs were seized by the Sheriff’s Office and taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Ellis was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Ellis told Morgan and Rogers on Dec. 29 that he moved from the Freeman Township home about a month ago and was setting up kennels at his new home in Avon. He said the dogs had access to a doghouse and bedding, and he visited them every day, the last time at 4 p.m. Dec. 28.

Morgan checked with the complainant, who said he had not seen Ellis on the property for two days, although Ellis could have been there Dec. 28 while he was taking a nap.

The Animal Welfare Program sought permanent possession of the dogs.

Attempts to reach Ellis and the director of the Maine Animal Welfare Program were unsuccessful Friday.


Nine beagles were seized from an open, unheated garage in Freeman Township in December. David Ellis, 46, of Avon was charged with animal cruelty. (Sun Journal file photo)

  • Sherri Belanger Bourgoin

    I’m not sure how they can justify returning any dogs to someone who so negligently left them behind in horrible condition. The fact they survived is surprising. I can only hope that the agencies involved will follow up and check on their conditions going forward. Very disappointed and sad for these dogs.

  • bay_horse

    That man does not care about his Beagles. He does not deserve them.

  • anniesmac

    He does not deserve to keep the dogs and the assistant district attorney does not deserve to keep his job. What a sad outcome for the dogs.

  • Who was his attorney?

  • J

    Wow!!!!! What a disappointment and how sad for those poor dogs. They deserve better and to have homes with people who actually want them and will treat them as family not as if they are nothing!!! that poor excuse of a human deserves to be left out in freezing cold temperatures in a cage with frozen water and should NEVER be allowed to have animals again!! . Grrrrrrr

  • Mary Melanson

    Backwoods Moron , obviously the prosecutor can’t get a real job in a real court system ! To bad he is so poorly educated and animals have to pay the price for his high uneducated ignorance !