Dogs from South seek Maine homes


AUGUSTA (AP) – Two dozen dogs from the South, many of them refugees from Hurricane Katrina, have arrived in Maine in search of new homes.

The dogs arrived last weekend at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, which hopes to find new owners for them. The shelter is helping alleviate the overcrowded conditions at animal shelters in the Gulf of Mexico region that was hit hard by hurricanes last year.

The dogs up for adoption include yellow Lab mixes, Lab and hound mixes, terrier mixes, Australia shepherd mixes and dachshund and beagle mixes. They come from Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, and were routed to Maine through Pineville, La.

“The shelters still left in the state are so overcrowded trying to deal with all the routine dogs that efforts have been made to move them out,” said William Amidon, the Kennebec Valley Humane Society’s executive director.

The humane society has taken in another 68 dogs in the past four months from the hurricane-ravaged region.