Domestic violence is epidemic


I thank the Sun Journal editorial board for the editorial May 11 concerning domestic violence. It pointed out the ironic combination of loving mothers, Mother’s Day, domestic violence homicide, and AWAP’s Spring Walk to End Domestic Violence.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is epidemic across the world, nation and Maine. Domestic violence is the power and control of one intimate partner over another. It consists of fear, intimidation, verbal and physical abuse, and death. Over the last decade, approximately half of all Maine homicides have been related to domestic violence.

The Abused Women’s Advocacy Project’s mission is to support and empower those affected by domestic violence and engage the community in creating social change in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties.

We offer safe refuge, individual and court advocacy and support groups to those affected by abuse.

The editorial noted that “Children who witness domestic violence growing up are far more likely to repeat the crime as grownups.” To that end, AWAP collaborates with youth, health professionals, businesses and other providers to provide education about violence. Also, we offer a 48-week educational/support class for abusers to change their behaviors and learn how to control and express anger in acceptable ways.

Our ultimate goal is to eradicate domestic abuse so that the recent horrific murder in Turner will not happen to others.

We encourage everyone to join us in this mission, and we especially thank the Sun Journal for the enlightening editorial.

Jane Morrison, executive director

Abused Women’s Advocacy Project