Doors to education reopening


LIVERMORE FALLS – The same “doors of opportunity” that graced the adult education center will reopen soon in the new Cedar Street Learning Complex.

The wooden doors with small windows have been unhinged from the classrooms where people took interactive television university courses at the SAD 36/Jay Adult Learning Center on Main Street. They’re being rehung on classrooms at the new complex at 9 Cedar St., where the district’s central office and Livermore Falls Head Start are located.

“Keeping the same doors is symbolic because it is opening doors of opportunity,” staff volunteer Andrea Bradford said Thursday. “The staff is the same, and the attitude is the same.”

Students and visitors will find the same offerings, from basic literacy to general education development, and high school diploma classes to university courses. There is also training for certified nursing assistants and personal support specialists, enrichment classes and more. Educators will still do assessment, placement, and GED testing by appointment.

The ITV semester will begin Tuesday, Jan. 16, and the learning center classes will begin Monday, Feb. 7.

High school diploma and community programming classes will start as scheduled in the spring brochure, which will be mailed to residents in Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls, Castonguay said.

Last year, there were more than 1,100 registrations for the center’s classes, and the university enrollment is about 250 registrations a year.

Center Director Carrie Castonguay and the rest of the staff are hoping people will feel comfortable in the new space.

The main entrance is at the back of the building, which faces the Livermore Falls Middle School. Parking is also at the rear.

Signs will be going up soon, Castonguay said. The telephone number is the same at 897-6384 and is expected to be working Monday.

SAD 36 custodian Red Groomes was busy finishing up the individual ITV classrooms on Thursday, and center staff and volunteers were organizing the primary classroom. A couple of inmates from the Franklin County jail in Farmington helped with the move, Castonguay said, which was a big help.