DoubleTake: Lewiston’s Munroe Building then and now


According to the Androscoggin Historical Society, the Munroe Building on the corner of Lisbon and Pine streets in Lewiston has seen numerous businesses come and go throughout its life. In the historical photo from 1929, the Lewiston Rubber Company was on the first floor, on the right. The sign says: “The House that gives you more rubber for a Dollar.”

Other stores in the building at that time included Meltzer, LE Messager and Berube’s Cafe. On the second floor, the following businesses resided: M.J. Hagerty Fire Insurance Co., Williams Law Office, Pelletier’s Beauty Parlor, the P.E. Tremblay Law Office, H.E. Belleau and Robert College.

Constructed between 1868 and 1870, the building also was known as the Savings Bank Block.

Note the mixture of architectural styles: Italianate arches on the side on the second floor, Romanesque arches on the third floor and Gothic-style pointed windows emerging from the mansard roof.