Dramatization will spotlight International Women’s Day


BRUNSWICK — In 1838, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, daughters of a South Carolina slave owner, toured 70 northern cities to tell everyone who would listen about the horrors and injustices of slavery. Their determined voices influenced the direction of the anti-slavery debate and planted the seeds of the future suffragist movement.

 On Sunday, March 7, PeaceWorks will present “Turning the World Upside Down,” a dramatization of the speech, at the Curtis Memorial Library. This will be done at 4 p.m., as one in a series of International Women’s Day events planned by the Maine branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and PeaceWorks.

 Actresses Susan Lenoe and Lani Peterson will play the sisters.

“These are challenging times we live in now, and I believe that the word of the Grimkes over 170 years ago still rings true in this day — that we must find our truth and speak it, that we might move ahead toward justice in this country,” said Peterson.

 The sisters made history when, in 1838, they addressed the Massachusetts Legislature, becoming the first women in the country to speak before a legislative body.

 To compensate the actresses, who are coming from Massachusetts, a $10 donation is suggested.