Drawing brings out the creative side of special students


RUMFORD — Tanya Scott loves to draw. She took her passion for creating works of art to the management of the Emma R Foundation and asked if a class could be offered for anyone in the program who was interested.

It could.

On Monday, the works created by four of the nine clients who are served by the foundation showed their creations at Rumford Public Library.

“We provide client-oriented services,” said Kelly Walton, program manager of the Dixfield-based foundation. “We offer what they want.”

The five-year-old foundation has served adults with developmental disabilities since the organization was launched by Sandra Hebert, Walton said.

Betsy Bell, art teacher and owner of Swift River Studio in Mexico, provided the lessons for the foundation’s students in 10 classes. That series was sponsored by the Pennacook Art Center. Bell offers a variety of art classes in her studio, as well.


Scott really likes butterflies, so one of her creations shows a pink butterfly sitting on a flower. Another is a drawing of her porcelain doll.

“This was a fun activity. Drawing keeps me occupied,” she said.

Fellow foundation attendee and artist Greg Myles of Rumford drew pictures of an antique automobile and a loon.

“I got hooked on drawing,” he said.

Walton said the classes provided the program participants with a chance to use their creative side.

“They can explore all kinds of exciting things,” she said.

Monday’s reception was a chance to honor the artists, Bell said.

The 14 works, done in oil and chalk pastels or colored pencil, will be on display in the community room of the library until March 15.

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