E. Makas: New county commission team


For the past six years, I have been privileged to be one of Androscoggin County’s three commissioners and to represent the entire city of Lewiston. Two years ago, the citizens of our county approved a charter that increased the number of commissioners from three to seven. I am running for re-election, but my new district will be only one of three Lewiston districts.

Fortunately, two excellent candidates have stepped forward to represent the other two Lewiston districts. I encourage the citizens of those districts to vote for Tom Reynolds and Joshua Klein-Golden, who will fight, as I have, to assure that our city’s needs and interests are strongly represented at the county level.

I would be honored to sit on the new commission with these dedicated men as my colleagues, and I am sure that Lewiston will be well served by their presence on that commission.

Elaine Makas, Lewiston, Androscoggin County commissioner