Earned a special place


In 2001, I had the honor of meeting Robert Couturier. I was married with one special-needs child that my husband wanted to adopt. We filed the paperwork and were told a legal notice must be published. Couturier could have made us publish the information in her father’s home state where the cost was more than $1,000, but he decided it could be published in the Sun Journal, citing that she was conceived in Lewiston.

The day we were to sign paperwork, I was in labor. Couturier came to the hospital with witnesses, so my daughter had the same last name within 24 hours of my son’s birth.

Judge Couturier earned a special place in our lives. If people want a kind, understanding human for their probate issues, I encourage them to follow me to the voting booth and cast their ballots for Robert Couturier for judge of probate.

Bonnie Moore, Lewiston