He has earned my vote


On Feb. 27, I attended the Androscoggin County Republican caucus. All of the speeches were inspiring but one candidate stood out: Les Otten.

It wasn’t his speech that gained my support, it was the time he spent talking to my 16-year-old son, who can’t even vote yet. Otten was not too busy to sit and talk with him, having nothing to gain politically by doing so. In fact, he could have used his time cozying up to voters who supported other candidates.

But Otten said at the caucus, “Maine’s No. 1 export can no longer be its children.” He is a statesman who cares about Maine’s future, believing my son to be a key ingredient in his plans for Maine.

By not pandering for votes, he’s earned my vote. Les Otten should be the next governor of Maine, for my children and yours.

Tim Lajoie, Lewiston