East Wilton Cemetery Association meets after reorganization


WILTON — The first annual meeting of the East Wilton Cemetery Association, after reorganizing Aug. 11, 2009, was held at the East Wilton Grange Hall on May 8.

There were 11 members present. The officers are: president, Dennis Taylor; vice president, John Black; secretary, Methel Goodwin; treasurer, Priscilla Beedy; directors, Ron Corey, David Macomber and Rick Nightingale. During the meeting, Corey Black was elected assistant treasurer.

Taylor reported on various projects that need to be done at the cemetery. He stated that the association has not been able to operate on the interest rate from investments as the rates have fallen, so some of the principal has been used. He reported that Kent Wiles has donated a stone repair kit to the association.

Taylor also said that the cast iron urn has been missing the past few years. If anyone knows anything about the urn, they may contact Taylor.

The officers and directors have met four times during the past year. They have worked on revising the bylaws and constitution and the size and pricing of lots in the cemetery. These were presented at the meeting, voted on and accepted.

Anyone interested in doing work in the cemetery, making a monetary or materials donation or for other information, may contact Taylor at 645-3203.