Efficiencies to pay for improvements to Lisbon buildings if approved


LISBON — Town leaders hope to make more than $2.5 million worth of improvements to public buildings if a local referendum passes on Tuesday.

Voters will be asked to approve a lease/purchase contract, not to exceed 19 years, on Question 3 of the town ballot.

The money will be federally subsidized and will employ a financial vehicle known as “performance contracting,” which uses efficiency savings to pay for it.

Though the cost will be substantial, any expense beyond that already spent by the town will be the responsibility of Siemens, the company that would do the work.

There will be no new costs, according to materials from Lisbon Town Manager Diane Barnes.

Plans call for new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to all of the town’s schools: Lisbon Community, Sugg Middle and Lisbon High.

Efficiency changes would also be made to the fire station, library, the wastewater treatment facility, the community center and the transfer station and recycling center.

Antiquated systems exist in many buildings. At the high school, ventilation systems date back to its construction almost 60 years ago. At the community center, plans call for insulation, siding, windows and boiler room upgrades.

Town and school buildings will be converted to natural gas. LED lighting will be installed in many buildings.

The municipal building changes at the school will total $860,000. At the schools, the totals will be no more than $900,000 for efficiency changes and less than $859,000 for the HVAC systems.

All expenses will be shielded from local taxpayers, according to town materials.