Eighth candidate for selectman in Sabattus


SABATTUS — Eight candidates are vying for three open seats for selectmen next month.

Profiles of seven of those candidates ran in Wednesday’s newspaper.

Randy Gayton is facing off against Jeffrey Baril for the open seat with a one-year term. His profile, which wasn’t available for publication Wednesday, is below.

Randy Gayton

Address: 131 Middle Road

Current occupation: Retired, working part time for O’Reilly.

Prior public office experience: Budget Committee

Please share a little about yourself: I’m 50 years old. I’ve lived in town my whole life. I’ve been in town politics most of my life.

Why vote for you? I’d be honest with the townspeople. I’d make people accountable.

Your top three issues, if elected: 1. Keeping taxes down. 2. Not spending money foolishly. 3. Making departments accountable for their time.

Where do you want to see Sabattus in 10 years? In a lot better spot than it is today. I’d like to see us with a lot more money in our accounts and doing a lot better at not spending money foolishly.