EL Ask


What career do you hope to

prepare for after high school?

I hope to study psychology at Keene State. I want to be

beneficial to this world by

helping people.

Ashleigh Guild

• senior •

I want to study to be an

electrician. It’s a job that is not going to be made obsolete. There’s always going to be a job.

Ricky Judkins

• senior •

I want to study to be a computer programmer at Worcester State. It’s something that I am really good at. Plus, I love computer games.

C.J. Twomey

• senior •

I’m going to join the Peace

Corps and help people with

their situations.

Lana Lee

• senior •

I hope to be a LifeFlight nurse. It excites me; LifeFlight excites me. I’ve wanted to do it for a while.

Rudie Cyr

• senior •

I want to study to be a machinist at Central Maine Community College. I hate working with people. It’s a very prosperous

and high paying job.

Adam Beggs

• senior •