El Asks


What’s your opinion on global warming? Is it what’s affecting this winter?

I don’t know. I have no idea what global warming is.

Devon Chabot

• sophomore •

I don’t know if it’s what’s to blame for this winter, but I do believe that global warming is real. We’re killing our earth.

Mrs. Chantrill

• faculty •

I like it. I don’t really like winter.

Taylor Nicholas

• freshman •

I don’t like it because I can’t ski. It’s

killing the winter.

David Lever

• junior •

I think it’s accumulated and helped to affect the weather, but I don’t think it’s what’s affecting this year-not directly.

Tanya Gagne

• junior •

I certainly believe-strongly-that there’s evidence that global warming is occurring and at an increasing rate. I’m not enough of a meteorologist to know if it’s affecting this winter, but the winds coming off of the Pacific don’t seem to have their normal pattern. Mr. Dunn • faculty •

I do believe in global warming. They say it’s naturally speeding up now. And I do believe it’s what’s affecting this winter.

Andrew Brodsky

• senior •

I think it’s affecting this winter. We should stop using spray cans with CFCs. I think we should find new ways to use other things.

Adam Lozis

• freshman •

I’m going to conserve energy while the experts decide if global warming is happening. Then at least if global warming isn’t real, our children will still have better air to breathe.

Rachelle Tupper • senior •