Elect Republicans


The Androscoggin County Republicans held a spirited caucus on Feb. 27 at Geiger Elementary School in Lewiston. All 14 towns were represented. Non-Republicans had the opportunity to enroll as Republicans, and they did.

Principal Bartlett and the staff of the Geiger school were very helpful with the facility arrangements. Lewiston should be proud of this fine structure.

Seven of the Republican candidates for governor were present and expressed their ideas. A major subject was the economy of Maine. All were concerned about the condition of Maine after 30-plus years of Democratic domination.

The current conditions of high taxes, high energy costs, a flawed welfare system, high health insurance costs, an obstructionist environmental regulatory bureaucracy, and an over-regulated business climate have all led to the loss of businesses, or their lack of expansion. This also has created difficulty in attracting new enterprises to Maine.

The result is fewer jobs, evidenced by the flight of the younger population who can’t find work. No businesses, no jobs.

Maine is ranked 47th among the states in being business-friendly and among the highest in taxes and welfare benefits.

Voters of Maine should wake up, change this state to a responsible Republican government and return all of us to prosperity.

The Democrats talk a good game, but their actions speak louder; note the five plus billion dollars still unfunded in state employees’ retirement and health funds and teachers’ health fund — a looming crisis.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn