2013 Lewiston Mayoral Candidates

2013 Lewiston-Auburn Voter Guide: Download a PDF with voting information and online candidate profiles for voters in Lewiston and Auburn.

Laurent F. Gilbert Sr.

From his profile: As we look to the future of our community of Lewiston, strong and proven positive leadership is essential for success for each of us and for our city. I am ready to once again provide that leadership. I respectfully ask for your vote on election-day.

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Robert E. Macdonald

From his profile: I was elected by the people of Lewiston to address the problems that other are afraid to speak out on. Lewiston has progressed because we work as a team and I AM WILLING TO TAKE THE NEGATIVE HITS IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE WE PROGRESS We believe in the phrase "gung ho"( work together.)

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Lewiston mayoral race coverage

Ballot 2013: Larry Gilbert, Lewiston mayor

Larry Gilbert, candidate for Lewiston Mayor. 1

Ballot 2013: Bob Macdonald, Lewiston mayor

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston Mayoral candidate, lewiston mayor 1

P. Robinson: He has the experience

This year, Lewiston voters will recognize a trusted name running for mayor: Larry Gilbert. Having led the city as mayor from 2007 to 2012 with integrity and enthusiasm, it is time to give Gilbert another tour of duty. As a Vietnam veteran, he can surely relate to a tour of duty. His...

Hill withdraws from Lewiston mayoral race

LEWISTON — Mayoral candidate Walter M. Hill removed his name from the municipal ballot Friday, ending his campaign. "Today was really the deadline to make that happen," City Clerk Kathy Montejo said. "It unusual, but it does happen." Hill's departure for the race leaves only t...

D. Taylor: The battle for city hall

Larry Gilbert and Robert Macdonald will square off in the battle for City Hall. It is no secret that they do not like each other. I know these men personally and pray for them daily. I message Gilbert on Facebook and enjoy a cup of coffee with Macdonald. Mr. Gilbert and I have attended man...