Electricity customers didn’t save money with retail sellers


AUGUSTA — A new state report finds that Maine electricity customers paid $77 million more than they needed to on power for several years.

The Bangor Daily News reports the Maine Public Utilities Commission found residents would have saved $77 million if they stuck with the state-regulated power price instead of buying from retail sellers from 2012 to 2016.

A 2016 Bangor Daily News investigation found retail supplier Electricity Maine lured many customers with prices lower than the state-regulated price. The supplier than raised its average price and took in about $58 million more than if rates had matched the standard state price.

Lawmakers passed a law last year to limit rate increases and prevent companies from automatically re-enrolling customers into new contracts.

  • Pete Duchette

    The writer seems to have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, there was a story on WMTW-TV stating that Ambit Energy has the lowest prices in the state. They seem to have cherry picked one company who was gouging customers and painted Ambit and all the other honest suppliers with the same brush.