Eleven train cars derail at Crash Road crossing


JAY — Eleven railroad cars derailed Thursday morning at the intersection of Crash Road, Jay police officer Mike Mejia said.

Mejia was rerouting traffic around the site, sending vehicles either straight through Riley Road by the paper mill or turning vehicles around.

State police were detouring traffic from the Livermore side, Jay police Chief Larry White said.

A Pan Am Railways representative called White to inform him of the situation and that the road would have to be shut down until sometime Friday.

Railroad tracks appeared to be broken off and ripped up, some were warped while a few railroad cars had their wheels deep in sand. Asphalt on Crash Road was also torn up.

It wasn’t clear which way the train was going, and company officials did not return a call.

The railroad spur runs to the paper mills in Jay and Rumford.

The end or the beginning of the train was seen not too far from the Crash Road crossing.

By late afternoon Pan Am representatives had moved the train engine away from the derailment, and workers had already removed one of the train cars blocking Crash Road.

However, another car was still blocking most of the road where a piece of rail was on the ground disconnected from the track.

No one was injured, and no train cars tipped over.

A Federal Railroad Administration representative was checking to see if the derailment was reportable. There is a certain threshold of damage that needs to occur before an incident is required to be reported to the federal government.

It was the second time in 16 months that a Pan Am Railways train has derailed in the area.

Five cars derailed in January 2009, two of them flipping onto their sides and two others leaning, while another one went off the track about 200 yards from Thursday’s derailment.

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