Ellis family celebrates 55th reunion


NAPLES — The Ellis Family celebrated its 55th reunion at Tim and Hether Anderson’s house. Tim was President and Secretary was Jessica Anderson. Tim and Jessica are the children of Vicki Anderson, daughter of Flora and the late Clayton Ellis.

The farthest traveled was Malissa, Ed, Megan and Brandon Dube at 290 miles from Presque Isle. Malissa is the daughter of Patti Haskell and Patti is also the daughter of Flora and the late Clayton Ellis.

The youngest in attendance was Kayla Anderson at six months, daughter of this year’s president. The oldest was Flora Ellis, wife of the late Clayton Ellis, at 84, and she is still going strong, shoveling snow, planting a garden, canning and knitting.

There was a pot luck lunch followed was followed by a family auction to raise money for next year’s supplies. Games and activities included bad-mitten, horse shoes, a net climbing wall, tire swing and baby swing.

Throughout the day, the family reminisc duing a slide show of old photos.

After the auction, family members swam at the lake, barbecued supper and watched an outside movie on the lawn.

Those who stayed ate a big breakfast in the morning and enjoyed each other and region throughout the day.

There were 52 family members in attendance, including, from Buxton, Flora Ellis, Kim and Ooy Ellis, Angela Ellis, Todd and Kelly Ellis, Britney Ellis, Cathy, Greg Ellis and Ashley Ellis; Bucksport, Matthew Sawyer, Nathaniel Sawyer, and Katelyn Sawyer; Gray, Allen and Cindy Woodworth, Kirsten Woodworth and Raymond Woodworth; Naples Tim and Hether Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Kayla Anderson, Naomi Anderson, Conner Anderson, Toni Anderson, Ellie Lewis, Shawn Manchester and Christian Sticket; New Sharon, Darcy and Judy Ellis; New Vineyard, Maria Webber, Scott Webber II, Brooklyn Webber and Bristol Webber; Portland, Nicole Ellis, Annabella Collins and Joyce Small; Presque Isle, Ed and Malissa Dubie, Ryan Basu, Meghan Dubie and Brandon Dubie; Standish, Patti and Dave Haskell; and West Newfield, Jessica Anderson, Dan Richard, Allen Anderson, Pastelle Dionne, Guinevere Beaupre, Bob and Vicki Anderson and Scott Anderson.

The family plans to hold its next reunion Aug. 13, 2016.