Embrace the future


It takes courage to move beyond the emotion associated with maintaining the status quo. Some individuals will always default to the past because it worked for generations, and maybe it did, but was it the best model? They are leaving no stone unturned to develop emotional arguments focused on using “labels” to preserve a failing model.

Others are looking forward with vision for future generations, recognizing that there are startling changes in L-A’s demographics, including work force availability and demand for services, the result of which makes it even more important to consolidate each city’s efforts.

There are always risks associated with change, but I believe that there are bigger risks resulting from the failure to embrace a future directed at growth.

Some individuals will always argue about the “data,” yet previous commission’s efforts, as well as the Charter Commission’s analysis, have consistently demonstrated real savings.

This is the first time that we, as voters, have the opportunity to be heard from directly in deciding our future.

Many of the current and past elected leaders have demonstrated their support of the status quo and have worked diligently to reduce opportunities for cooperation and savings. However, some leaders have been courageous in trying to advance cooperation, but their voices were silenced by the parochial majority.

I, for one, am going to have my voice be heard and vote “yes” for One LA in November, and I encourage others to do the same.

Fred Frohardt, Auburn