Emergency dispatchers recognized


LIVERMORE FALLS — Emergency dispatchers were recognized on Feb. 10 for their commitment to helping others. The dispatch center closed last year nearly 22 years after it was established in 1988 by the town.

Livermore Falls Police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. recognized his former dispatchers, including those who were the first to dispatch for the town and those who were the last before it closed in late November 2009.

“For many years we were a happy family working with each other and the community,” Steward said during the ceremony. “We took pride in our service to the community as we do now and they rewarded us with their support of the budgets.”

Unfortunately with the closing of the Wausau Paper’s Otis Mill in Jay and Livermore Falls, things had to change, he said.

“We lost our dispatch center, and continue competition for remaining services, he said.

Recognized as being the first dispatchers for the town were Debbie Finely, James Johnson, Sheila Weed, William Lee and Dawn Young, who also served as secretary.

Steward also thanked the dispatchers that stayed around until the end, Amanda Leclerc, Levi Gould, Cassandra Purington, Tyler Richards and Matthew Lalemand.

“These dispatchers are being recognized…for hanging in there when they knew their jobs were being terminated in 90 days. They all stayed professional and dedicated to the emergency services and the community they served until (Androscoggin) County took over dispatching Monday, Nov. 30, 2009,” Steward said.

He presented them each with a plaque that read part “For your dedicated service during the trying times of 2009 to the Livermore Falls Emergency Dispatch Center, the communities, and the emergency services that were dependant on your porfessional service. Your loyalty was greatly appreciated.”