Employee installs system at home


Brenda Millett, Bancroft Contracting’s payroll manager was so impressed by the new geothermal heating and cooling system installed at her company’s office that she installed one at home.

The boiler in the home she and her husband Rusty Millett own in Waterford was almost 20 years old, as old as the house. It needed to be replaced and was inefficient, she said. They looked into the geothermal system and decided to go that route. Now they heat and cool their home’s 2,500 square feet of living space and get hot water from a geothermal system.

They estimate the system cost approximately $13,000 to installed. And, like her employer, Brenda Millett expects a five-year payback period. With oil and gas heating-only systems running from $6,000 to over $10,000, the price of going with a geothermal system seemed reasonable, Millett said. The bonus is they are getting central air conditioning and hot water as well.