End complicity with Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia government forces are dropping American-made bombs from American-made jets, guided by American intelligence, killing tens of thousands of civilians in Yemen and subjecting millions to starvation. When members of both parties in Congress demand an end to American complicity in this genocide, Defense Secretary James Mattis tells them to let the Trump administration keep arming the Saudis “for the good of innocent people in trouble,” saying “we are seldom free to work with unblemished partners.” Evidently, he thinks working with genocidal war criminals is good for the people they are slaughtering.

Actually, the United States is not free to work with the rulers of Saudi Arabia. As the Control Arms Coalition and Amnesty International point out, the United States has signed the Arms Trade Treaty, which forbids “arms transfers that would be used for war crimes or risk being used for serious violations of international law.”

It is up to America’s senators and representatives to enforce American compliance with that treaty and help end the catastrophe in Yemen by stopping arms transfers to Saudi Arabia.

James Parakilas, Lewiston