Enough is enough


The Lewiston City Council should fix roads and traffic lights and stop building another parking garage.

The city should put sensors on all traffic lights and stop the waiting game.

The city removed traffic lights by the Franco-American Heritage Center and The Pastime Club so now people have to run crossing the street to avoid getting hit by cars. That is pretty bad.

On fixing roads, the state has millions of dollars in the Rainy Day Fund and general funds. Oh, yeah, the federal stimulus money and state lottery money — where has that money gone?

State and city government should be liable for the damage to our vehicles because of bad roads.

The Lewiston City Council is thinking of building another parking garage at the corner of Main and Lincoln streets. That is one big eyesore.

The City Council should consider building a mini-mall instead of another parking garage and stop wasting the taxpayers’ money as they did with Bates Mill No. 5 where contractors will get between $50,000 and $70,000, now that the demolition has been scuttled.

Enough is enough.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston