Enough is enough, already


I recently received an e-mail from a friend in Florida who wrote, “Congratulations on living in the highest taxed state in the country.” That information was available online from an article titled “How Tax Friendly is Your State.”

Sure enough. There is Maine, listed as the number one highest taxed citizens and, at the bottom of the list, is our “Live Free or Die” neighbor, New Hampshire, as the least taxed.

When will Maine people understand that by electing the same people into state government year after year, they are gradually turning Maine into a big, intrusive, government welfare state?

New Hampshire is in an economic boom because it does not believe government is the answer to every problem. Each individual has the responsibility for his or her own destiny.

Job losses and poor economic growth will continue until Maine citizens say enough is enough and sweep our current state leaders out of power.

George Mathews, Auburn