Ensuring a Catholic education for all


Strong! Vibrant! Alive!

This is the time of year when governmental leaders provide their assessment as to the “health” of the State or Nation. Based on the overwhelming number of positive responses we have received from our families, we are proud to say that St. Dom’s is stronger than ever and is moving forward with a proven academic, athletic and spiritual formation program that is second to none in the state of Maine. St. Dom’s is strong! St. Dom’s is vibrant! St. Dom’s is alive!

Looking ahead to the next school year, many families with children from Pre-K to 12 have been contacting the admissions office, wanting their children to experience and become part of the dynamic community for which St. Dom’s has always been known. They are looking for an educational experience, offered in a safe, nurturing environment, that will give their child(ren) the academic and character formation necessary to help them be successful today and into the future. For the over 500 families currently in our community, St. Dom’s is that school! Each student at Saint Dominic Academy is surrounded by caring and committed faculty members along with other students who are motivated to succeed. Our low teacher-to-student ratio ensures that each of our students are receiving the attention they need to excel. The effectiveness of our program is confirmed year after year as over 95 percent of each graduating class goes on to post-secondary education.

Characteristic of the Catholic school experience are the hundreds of families who make the necessary, and sometimes heroic, financial sacrifices to be able to afford private school tuition for their children. We are pleased to partner with these families in doing everything we can to help make St. Dom’s an affordable option. Each year, our tuition assistance program extends almost $500,000 in tuition scholarships to deserving families, thus fulfilling the hope of our founder, Fr. Drouin, to ensure that a private, Catholic school education is an affordable option for every family.

We are excited to be celebrating over 130 years of Catholic education in Central Maine. If you are currently part of our Catholic school family, share your experiences about how well your children are being prepared and formed. If you have heard about the many good things going on at St. Dom’s and are interested in the educational, athletic, and spiritual benefits our school will offer your own child(ren), contact our admissions office soon at 782-6911 ext. 2110. Enrollment for next year begins this week!

Jim Boulet

Director of Admissions

Saint Dominic Academy