Era of fees


I want to share another example of a fee being passed on to the consumers.

I stopped for fuel at a store on Sabattus Street. I went in to pay. I started to write a check but was asked if I was on the “list,” which I wasn’t.

I was told I would be charged a $2 fee to run the check through. I asked where this charge was posted, on the pump or in the store. It was not posted anywhere on-site.

The owner was called in and after explaining to him that I was not liable for this fee, he stated that this was his business and he could do what he wanted.

I had no credit card or enough cash. He told me to call someone to bring cash or pay the fee; that I couldn’t leave to get the money myself or he would call the police.

After they arrived, we were told that I could not receive a summons for not paying the fee since it was not posted.

Airlines, credit cards, now check writing — when will this era of fees stop?

I cut up my credit cards. I drive or take the bus now. I will never go to that store again.

John St. Hilaire, Monmouth