Erosion of confidence


The importance of constitutionally mandated accountability at the highest levels of government cannot be overstated. It is tragic that accountability is largely disregarded by politicians and media, despite exit polls from our mid-term elections showing that more than 50 percent of voters considered corruption in government the most important problem facing our nation. Deeply entrenched corruption and voter apathy are powerful indicators of serious erosion in citizen confidence that accountability is any more than a cheap slogan.

History will show that perhaps the only critical mistake President Gerald Ford made in an otherwise stellar presidency was to to pardon Richard Nixon. Inexplicably, pundits and politicians describe Ford’s choice as between vengance and healing, as if there were only two choices.

That wrongly frames the problem our nation faced, and the choices for remedy as well. More important, it obscures the solution that would have served America well today as we face what is arguably the most corrupt administration since the age of robber barons.

Without faith in accountability and equal protection under the law, America is doomed to more corruption and apathy. The sure cure is indictment of those guilty of fraud or lying to American citizens.

We, the people, must demand that our elected officials initiate and properly execute the process.

The future of American democracy depends on each of us actively supporting those who work to re-establish accountability and effective checks and balances as essential pillars of American democracy.

Seabury Lyon, Bethel