ESL egg hunt


Several students in the English as a Second Language classes at Edward Little High School had an opportunity to dye eggs as part of a multi-cultural experience the day before April vacation. To top off the fun, many of them returned at the end of the day for a spring egg hunt in the band room.

Teacher Nancy Martin and Ed Tech Linda Galway hid more than 200 solid chocolate, foil-covered eggs. The students had a grand time trying to uncover them all, with some conspicuously placed and others very well hidden. In the meantime, they engaged in a friendly competition, with Bo Byun, an exchange student from Korea, coming up with 51 eggs overall.

Others participating in the hunt included Mahamed Hersi, Delcy Romero, Roun Said, Mahadho Gure, Sahra Odowa, Muna Yonis, Yasmin Mohamed and Mariam Haji-Hersi.