An extended Maineiacs family


I offer this in thanks to all the people in the Lewiston Maineiacs hockey family who befriended our son, Derek Bailey, during the last two years. Lewiston-Auburn is a great community; residents can take pride.

When Derek first left home to live there, the unknown made it difficult. But our fears were put to rest after we got to know the coaches, owner and the support staff. Everyone employed by or who volunteers for the Maineiacs put the kids’ best interest first. We can’t say enough about how at ease we felt with where Derek was.

When we came up to watch the games it was amazing how friendly the fans were. What a facility you people there have. Enjoy it and support the best hockey in New England.

Thanks also go to the coaches for taking a kid who had been away from hockey for a long time and giving him a chance to make a comeback in a sport he loves so much. They stuck with him right to the end, even though he was injured. That is what loyalty is all about.

And thanks to all the youngsters who go to the games and make the players feel so special by asking for autographs.

Derek was truly blessed in staying with two people who took care of him through thick and thin, fed him and nursed him back to health when he was injured or sick.

Jim and Deb Bailey, Plymouth, Mass.