Eyes, see the world. See the world in ways that it could be. See the seasons change. Watch friends grow up. Gaze up at the clouds. See everything.

Eyes are a passageway, a gateway. They are a one way ticket aboard the inner most feelings express. Eyes are a portal for deeper meaning. Eyes are expression.

Eyes express who I am, and what I’m feeling. Eyes display unknown emotions. I may be feeling extremely frustrated and think I’m holding it all inside, but I’m not. Unfortunately my eyes say everything. The tiniest bit of leftover sadness may cause an onlooker to question me. Everything I might be feeling is displayed through my eyes. Eyes are my appearance downfall.

Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes my eyes say what needs to be said when I’m too bashful to do so myself. I am grateful for that.

Eyes are a great gift. The gift of sight is tremendous. Eyes allow me to see and others to see me. See me in a way only others can see. See me for who I am not who I appear to be. Look into my eyes.