Face Time: Meredith Kendall — Reiki and a standing offer to the Dalai Lama


She’s a Reiki practitioner. She’s a nurse. Seems fitting that she is also the author of a book called “Reiki Nurse.”
Her name is Meredith Kendall and her book just hit the market. Kendall lives in the Farmington area and has a master’s degree in nursing education. She received her Reiki master attunement in 2002, making her a double threat in the art of healing. So what is Reiki? That would probably be a fine place to start.

What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient healing tradition. Some people say it’s energy work, some say it’s a spiritual practice. It is a gentle hands-on practice intended to improve health. Reiki is practiced at over 15 percent of U.S. hospitals, that’s over 800 hospitals. You can receive Reiki at Maine Medical Center in Portland and Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington. In July, Central Maine Medical Center will started offering Reiki at The Dempsey Center.

So what is Reiki again? It’s based on electricity, physics, intuition and cosmology. It’s something anyone can learn. It’s supposed to help you feel better. It isn’t massage, a religion or reggae music. It isn’t a cult of personality: It’s not about the practitioner. Anyone can do Reiki. You can learn it and do it on yourself. I do Reiki on myself when I’m sitting in the dentist chair!

Is Reiki scary? Not to me. Is it to you? If it interests you, try a session or a class. If it doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t try it.

How did you get into this? My cousin Susan Shaver told me about Reiki one sunny day on Old Orchard Beach. I felt drawn to it, and very curious. I found Diane Stein’s book at The Common Ground Fair and read it. I felt an urgent need to take a class, and started working with Kaimora. After becoming a master I started a Reiki Share group and opened a business. Then I set up a volunteer Reiki program at a small hospital. Lately I’ve been helping with the Reiki program here in Lewiston, at The Dempsey Center at CMMC. Many other people are involved with this program, and we have some great volunteer practitioners.

If you could provide Reiki to anyone, who would it be? Well, I’m tempted to say the Dalai Lama, because I’d really like to meet him. But I don’t think he’d want me mucking about with his energy field. I’ve got a whole selfish list of people I’d like to meet and give Reiki to. Bob Dylan, same reason. I love his poetry and his ability to change and adapt. Colin Firth for his sweet characters. Barack Obama so I could tell him my thoughts on universal health care (I support it enthusiastically). Michelle Obama because she is so cool.


So, what? You’re an author now? I wrote a book about my experiences with Reiki. It’s called “Reiki Nurse: My life as a nurse and how Reiki changed it.” The book is available from the publisher, BookLocker, or online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s also available at bookstores in Farmington.