Facts are overwhelming


I tried to let Thomas Shields’ rallying cry for the Republican Party (letter, March 6) go by without a word. I did not want to remind him of how the “party of no” in Washington has held our government hostage, threatening to filibuster every piece of legislation not offered by a Republican.

I waited for plans offered by the minority on health care/insurance reform, energy policy and jobs. I waited to see an exchange of ideas and a final plan that shows the best of our political system. Time and time again, the GOP offered up no plans or only a few pages. I waited intently as John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell promised details of their plans. I am still waiting.

Shields would have voters run to the Republicans because they are Republicans and nothing more? He claims “the Democrats talk a good game and their actions speak louder than words.” We all know about the talking the GOP is doing in Washington. And their actions? Obstructing the United States of America from governing itself.

Debt? Every Republican administration in my lifetime has run up more debt than a Democratic one. Look it up.

I wasn‘t going to say anything, but the facts are overwhelming. Our economic troubles were born of eight years living under a Republican regime.

I’m not thrilled with the Democratic Party but am very comfortable with the devil I know. And besides, he started it.

David Marquis, Lewiston