Families go for sandy beach, cool water


INDUSTRY – Madelyn Besse watched her 1-year-old daughter, Amelia, play in the shallow water Wednesday at Clearwater Pond.

“Summer’s finally here,” Besse, of Industry, said as she sat in the sand in 80-degree weather with the sun blazing down. “It’s been cool, damp and wet and we’re finally able to be at the beach.”

The physician’s assistant at Strong Health Center said she has Wednesdays off and this is the first one she has been able to spend at the beach.

“This is a great beach,” she said. “It’s sandy and the water stays cool and it’s close to home.”

Besse and her husband, Travis Tierney, moved to Industry two years ago and like it there, she said.

As she talked, Amelia dumped sand on her mother’s leg and then walked to a rock wall and climbed up onto one stone to try and look over it before settling for sitting on it with her feet in the water. She kicked her legs and water bubbled up and then she reached out to splash her mother.

Her mother coaxed her to play in the sand, but it wasn’t long before the young one ended up in her father’s arms as the family walked out into deeper water.

On the other side of the rock wall at the boat launch, Patrick Martin and his daughter, Kendra, 8, of Plainfield, Vt., prepared to get in their kayaks. Martin and his family, including wife, Karin, and daughter, Kylie, 6, are visiting relatives nearby.

“We haven’t been up here in 10 years, but we used to come up every other year in the summer,” Patrick Martin said.

Now the children are old enough to enjoy the family visit, he said.

“It’s nice and quiet and not too far way,” Martin said.

A kayak holding Martin’s wife and younger daughter glided through the water up to the dock.

Kylie held a large snail she found on a rock as her mother paddled.

“You ready, people?” Kendra asked. “Mommy, daddy, I’m floating away.”

This is her first kayak, Martin said, as he lifted Kylie out of her mother’s kayak and into his own before they followed Kendra out to open water.

They paddled around the rocks and passed Besse, Tierney holding Amelia, who waved to the kayakers from inside the marked safe-swim zone.

Kelly Greenman of Farmington set up a picnic lunch on a blanket for her daughter, Angele, and nephew and nieces, Kas Seaward and Corrina and Makenzie of Wilton.

“I like the sand,” Kelly Greenman said as she passed out bagged sandwiches.

There aren’t many places to swim at in Farmington, she said.

She likes the Industry site because the bottom of the pond in the beach area is not rocky, she said.

The water is clearer than Wilson Pond in Wilton, Kas Seaward, 14, said.

“The water feels good,” he said. “It is very enjoyable.”

“I like the fact that I have them with me,” Corrina, 9, said of her family. They play with me and help me learn new games.”

It’s a family tradition to play games, Greenman said.

“We like to make up games that are kid and adult friendly,” she said.

The youngest Seaward likes going to the beach as well.

“I like the sand because you can make sand castles,” Makenzie, 6, said. “I like the water because I can jump and go under.”