Hebron family angry about hunter's behavior


HEBRON — The family of Karen Wrentzel, who was fatally shot by a hunter last month, reacted with shock and anger Wednesday to details released in a police affidavit Tuesday.

Robert Trundy, 38, has been charged with manslaughter.

Wrentzel’s uncle, Jon Spofford, said in an interview Wednesday that Trundy “must be held accountable for his careless decisions, and his refusal to take proper steps throughout the incident, despite any emotions he may have felt about his actions.”

Spofford said Trundy “displayed a total lack of regard for any human life beyond his own. I cannot forgive the taking of Karen’s life, when time after time, Robert Trundy failed to meet the requirements of a hunter, and as a human being, responsible for their actions.”


According to the police affidavit, Wrentzel screamed when Trundy shot her. The hunter thought to himself, “Deer don’t do that.”

Trundy had walked about three-quarters of the way to Wrentzel when he saw a rake leaning against a rock. It was at that point, according to the affidavit, that Trundy suspected he had shot someone, but he couldn’t bring himself to walk the rest of the distance to Wrentzel.

“Honestly, I couldn’t go down there,” he told District Game Warden Anthony Gray. “If I don’t see it, it’s out of my mind.”

Beverly Spofford, who said she knew of the Trundy family, but didn’t know them personally, said the new development put the situation, and her loss, in a whole new light.

“I’m so angry,” Wrentzel’s grandmother said. “He thought he heard a scream, and yet could not go down there and say, ‘Sorry’ or even call 911.” 

“I’m so disappointed in humanity,” said Wrentzel’s friend, Sarah Ziehm.

The affidavit also revealed that Trundy did not see his target clearly identified as a deer before firing, and the fact that Wrentzel wasn’t wearing orange is a “nonissue,” according to her mother’s cousin, Joan Joy Tibbetts.

“There are rules for the road and there are rules for the woods,” Tibbetts wrote in a Facebook post. “This man Trundy did not follow the rules, and the result is, he killed Karen.”

Tibbetts added, “He didn’t have a line of sight. I would like to see the situation improve, so that deer are the only thing getting shot during hunting season, and truth be told, the change has to be made by the person holding the gun, not the person doing laundry, hanging out by the barn, or digging for rocks.”

Wrentzel, 34, was on her property on Greenwood Mountain Road digging for gemstones when she was shot at about 10:30 a.m. Oct. 28, the first day of resident deer hunting season. 


  • KsandraMcKay

    The rule allowing hunters to hunt on private property that is not posted without first obtaining permission from the owner and notification of times they will be there hunting needs to change. A person’s right to be safe on their own property trumps someone having unfettered access to hunting! The hunters should be the owns carrying the burden to know where they are and obtain permission to be there not the land owner burdened with keeping no trespassing signs replaced everytime they get ripped down by someone who didn’t like them being there blocking their access to another person’s private property.

    • Sarah

      ksandra; Thank you. That is exactly what many of us are thinking. Since we started posting our land, people tear down or totally shot up our signs, sometimes as fast as we can replace them. Even though they are not supposed to shoot near a building without permission or from a paved road, we had a man kill a turkey less than 100 feet from our house. The warden did not even bother to come out. He sent a Deputy Sheriff. The turkey was about 40 feet from the road, a few feet from several fruit trees (food source). The man admitted shooting from the edge of the pavement. He shot between 2 visibly posted signs, that were less than 20 feet apart. He stated to the Sheriff and us that he did not see the signs. He did not get a $1,000 fine, as he was supposed to receive by law. His gun was never confiscated. The Sheriff took the turkey and a few shells, then off he went. Sheriff then advised us that people come down our road, because they know it is not regularly patrolled! I feel safe now! Then he told us that we should install a post between the trees and install yet another sign. I said that if he could not see those signs, that he should not be driving or hunting. Yes, the hunters feel entitled and from our experiences, each time we talk to the warden, we feel as though it is a nuisance to him that we dare to post our land.

      • fairy whispers

        I plan to fight about this issue with everything I have. Nothing is going to bring Karen back but maybe if Trundy hadn’t thought it was his right to park in her driveway and get out to hunt Karen would still be here. So maybe we can help save the next person by changing this.

    • fairy whispers

      I couldn’t agree more. The thing about Mr.Trundy is that he parked in Karen’s drive way and walked past her Camper and chicken coop. He was not the legal distance from her dwelling for discharging his fire arm. When (besides hunting season) do people think they can just park in someones yard and get out to walk around? This just drives me crazy for the rudeness before he shot what he could not see and then didn’t render no assistance after he knew what he had done. And they say it’s not trespassing but he shot her in her yard and was not at all confused about where he was.

  • dave

    Another False Flag Shooting. The usual suspects are in view. Karen’s death will never be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Deer are not animals that run constantly. They’re grazers. Absolutely no reason for this guy to NOT adjust his eyes to see what he was about to shoot at. He had plenty of time to discern the situation. Either he intentionally shot her or he’s a complete idiot. He knew where he was in the woods too. My opinion is he wanted to kill a human that day. I will believe this until proven wrong.