Farmington police start well-being program for seniors


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FARMINGTON — The Police Department has started a program that provides a daily check-in for seniors in the community.

Under the Reassurance Program, participants call the department each weekday to check in, said Bonnie Pomeroy, office manager.

This provides an opportunity for members of the department to speak with them, check on their well-being and refer any concerns to appropriate family members or other agencies, she said.

Early intervention strategies like this can delay or sometimes even prevent nursing home placement, which is more costly than community-based services. It also provides positive socialization to a vulnerable population that often has little contact with the community, she said.

A community member suggested that the department adopt the program, she said. Other towns have similar programs.

Yarmouth has had one going for more than 20 years, according to the town’s website where the premise of the program, in part, is defined as “to provide comfort and support to senior citizens and those living alone … within the community.”

To be part of the program, call the Farmington Police Department at 778-6311 and complete a simple registration over the phone. The registration includes contact information helpful to police in case a problem arises and follow-up becomes necessary.