Father and son charged in Auburn robbery returning to Maine


LEWISTON — Father and son suspects in an Auburn robbery are in the process of being brought back to Maine, authorities said.

Locals John Michaud Sr., 50, and his son, John Michaud Jr., 19, were identified by Auburn detectives as primary suspects in the robbery of a single-family home on Park Avenue on Oct. 12. The homeowner, who apparently interrupted the afternoon robbery, was tied up by two masked men who stole her motorcycle and SUV. The woman, who freed herself, suffered minor injuries, police said.

Warrants were issued for the arrests of the two Michauds on charges of robbery, burglary, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, theft, theft-unauthorized use of property and obstructing the report of a crime. Four of the charges are felonies, the most serious punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Matulis said Wednesday that the father and son are in the extradition process. He said he didn’t have an estimate on when they were likely to arrive in Maine to answer to those charges.

John Michaud Jr. was arrested in Florida and is in the custody of Jacksonville County Jail, where he faces charges in that state of carrying a concealed weapon, possessing a firearm with an altered or removed serial number and loitering. Matulis said Florida may opt to prosecute him on charges in that state first, which likely would delay his return to Maine.

John Michaud Sr. was arrested by federal officers as a fugitive from justice as well as Maine’s warrant and has been held at Woodford County Jail in Eureka, Illinois, according to Auburn police.

The motorcycle was recovered shortly after the robbery near the victim’s home. The SUV was later found burned.

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John Michaud Sr. and John Michaud Jr.