Fiber artist writes novel set in ancient Egypt


Sharon M. Desruisseaux of Chesterville has written her second novel, “Au Set, The Woman,” which takes place in pre-dynastic Egypt. It is the story of the Goddess Isis as if she were a real person living in ancient Sumer and Egypt in 3500 BCE, before the mythology evolved around her.

Desruisseaux, who also wrote “Cleopatra Selene, Legacy of the Sun and Moon,” is working on her third novel. This one is about her ancestors, Marie (Rollet) Hebert and Louis Hebert, who were known as the first family to settle in North America. They were from Paris and settled in Quebec settlement in 1618.

“I discovered their very existence when I was researching my family tree and noted that they were the first French family to settle in Quebec. They had arrived with Samuel Champlain in 1604 to Port Royal in Nova Scotia and then settled in Quebec City for good in 1618,” the author aid.

Desruisseaux, a single mother of three daughters, is a fiber artist and owns a small fiber farm. She has Icelandic sheep and angora rabbits and make items for sale from their wool.

“Au Set, The Woman” may be purchased through the publisher, PublishAmerica, as well as Amazon and other bookstores.