Finance management goes mobile with Maine credit unions


Maine’s credit nnions continue to introduce new products to enhance the lives of their members, without compromising the most important connection of all: the relationship between the credit union and each individual member.

Maine’s credit unions are consistently introducing the leading technology, including the ability to conduct a variety of online transactions, from applying to a loan to creating a budget.

Maine is the leading state for credit unions that provide a mobile banking platform, currently more than 75 percent of Maine credit unions offer mobile banking which allows you to check your balance, transfer funds and at some credit unions, even deposit checks, right from your smartphone.

“The ability to implement new technology while still maintaining a level of member service that ranks first out of all other financial institutions in Maine is what sets Maine’s credit unions apart in the financial services industry,” explained John Murphy, president of the Maine Credit Union League. “We are able to give members what they want – access to the latest technology and exceptional personal service. Credit unions work hard to provide both, and credit union members appreciate that.”

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