Fire them all


After reading a couple articles in the Sun Journal, March 21, I just had to voice my opinion.

First of all, let’s not blame the Democrats for all the nation’s problems. Let’s go back to when Bill Clinton was president. He handed over a $50-plus billion surplus to President George Bush.

Bush went ape; he thought he and all his cronies had a blank check.

If anyone thinks that the bad decisions made by him and the Republicans wasn’t felt around the world, you better think again. If anyone cares to remember, the Republicans pushed bills through, without the Democrats, because they were in charge.

The Republicans are acting like a bunch of school kids. They want all or nothing, or, as Bush said, his way or the highway.

President Obama has been in office only a little more than a year and no one will work with him. So how does anyone expect things to happen so soon?

If the Senate and the House would work together for the country and the people, instead of their own personnel greed, things would get done. Let’s all work together and get this country back to being No. 1 in the world.

I hope others will agree with me. Our representatives and senators need to stop bickering and stop the pettiness of who’s on top and who’s going to win the next election. If they aren’t careful, we could fire them all and start over.

George and Joan Blaisdell, Sabattus