Firefighters plan dry run of fire plan


WILTON — Contemplating a scenario they hope will never happen, members of Wilton Fire Department have created a plan in case of a fire in a large, empty, three-story structure on Depot Street.

Firefighters shared some details of the plan for Forster Manufacturing with selectmen last week. The vacant building, sitting on a compact space on a curve in the road and in the middle of a residential area, has caused concerns for the board, firefighters and police after windows have been broken and vandalism has occurred since the business was closed.

Firefighters have worked several months and devised a fairly involved plan, Capt. Kyle Ellis told the board. The department will see that plan in action on April 15 when departments from surrounding communities attend an evening meeting at the Wilton station and put their trucks through a dry run of the plan.

The plan includes using manpower and equipment from 14 to 16 area departments to help control what firefighters expect could keep some there up to a week, he said. Along with how to provide the thousands of gallons of water needed if the structure was fully involved, the plan involves police and town employees and prepares for an area power outage, evacuation of homes and traffic control.

When the trucks are placed, the firefighters will walk the scene to know the best place for hooking up hoses if they are ever called, Fire Chief Sonny Dunham said.

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