First, we secure the borders


I wasn’t impressed with President Bush’s speech May 15. He wants to send 6,000 National Guard personnel to the borders, but that is in three years. That will give illegal aliens three more years to sneak into our country.

Members of the Guard cannot arrest anyone, so putting them on the border is a joke. They have no authority to do anything in protecting the border.

Bush also wants a guest-worker program. What he really means is amnesty, which he would somehow get if he gets that program.

President Vincente Fox of Mexico called Bush the night before the speech. Was there some kind of a deal between Fox and Bush? Bush says Fox is a friend.

The illegal aliens should go back and fight their own country. If they protested there like they did here, maybe something could be done.

Mexicans sent $20 billion back to Mexico, and it cost us $30 billion in welfare, etc., for the ones in the U.S.

Maybe we should have a sheriff like Joe Arpaico of Arizona down there. He is doing a great job in his state.

I believe Mexico is trying to overturn American laws.

I will not vote for anyone in the Senate or House who votes for the guest worker program. Secure the borders first.

Hazel Vaughn, Peru