Fishmonger cometh


PARIS – Dave Todd, a fish seller from Phippsburg, said he plans to set up his traveling fish shop in Paris for the rest of winter, possibly staying through the spring and summer.

His shop – a hatchback with the seats pulled down to make way for his coolers – was parked in front of the Four Seasons Function Center on Main Street Wednesday afternoon.

Todd said he parked his car here last weekend, advertising his scallops, haddock and shrimp with a bright yellow sign slung on both sides of his car.

“I’ve had rotten business,” Todd said Wednesday in the bitter cold.

Then smiled conspiratorially. “That will keep people from coming here.” He was referring to his itinerant fishmonger rivals. They’re always looking for the next best spot with lots of seafood lovers driving by who don’t mind buying their fish out of the back of a car.

Todd said his Phippsburg fishermen friends provide him with their catch and he ices it up and sells it in inland towns.

“It just helps,” Todd said, about the extra income. “I don’t imagine I’ll get rich doing it.”

He said he will park in front of Four Seasons from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays.

For 18 years or so, mostly on holidays, his wife Setsuko has sold roses in the same spot, Todd said, adding that he has grown to like the people here.

He’s offering whole shrimp for $1.50 per pound and shelled shrimp for $5 per pound. A pound of haddock is $5.75 and a pound of scallops is $10.95.