Five Corners scene of two accidents


POLAND – A pair of car crashes at one of the town’s busiest intersections Friday jammed up traffic and sent police and rescue crews scrambling.

Police said nobody was seriously injured in the unrelated collision at routes 11 and 26.

The first occurred at about 2 p.m., when a pair of cars collided in the intersection. Nobody was hurt and only minor damage was reported. But police had to steer traffic around the crash scene as debris was cleared away and an investigation got underway.

At about 4 p.m., another pair of cars collided in the intersection, with one of them flipping onto its side and coming to rest in the roadway.

United Ambulance and Poland Rescue crews went to the scene to help free a woman who was trapped inside her car. Police said it appeared the woman was hung up in her seatbelt and was unable to get out on her own.

In that crash, police said it appeared both cars were traveling on Route 26, in an area where the road slices to the right and a small hill begins. Minor injuries were reported.

Both crashes were being investigated Friday by Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Sampson. The names of the drivers were not immediately available.

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