‘Flat Stanley’ spends the night at Museum L-A


LEWISTON — Sharon Clark of Lewiston inadvertently added another adventure to “Flat Stanley’s” recent visit to Museum L-A when the paper figure slipped out of her hands unnoticed while she was viewing the Rivers of Immigration exhibit.

Flat Stanley spent the remainder of the afternoon among the life stories and photos of newcomers to Lewiston-Auburn before being spotted by Karla Leandri Rider of the museum staff while she was closing up the gallery for the day. Overnight, Flat Stanley took in the history of brickmaking in Lewiston-Auburn as he awaited his reunion with Clark the next day.

Clark was helping Alexandra Chase of Wells, a friend of the family, with the third-grader’s Flat Stanley Project. Schoolchildren from around the world participate in the project, where they read Jeff Brown’s 1964 children’s book “Flat Stanley” featuring Stanley Lambchop, a boy who becomes flat after a bulletin board falls on top of him during the night.

He survives and makes the best of his new shape, having adventures that he wouldn’t have otherwise. The school project involves students creating their own figures and journals to mail along to family and friends who document their Flat Stanley travels and experiences. Flat Stanleys and their journals are returned to the student and shared with the class as a way to learn about different places. Chase sent out three Flat Stanleys and will share their adventures with her classmates at Wells Elementary.

Clark created a binder with photographs taken of Flat Stanley at Museum L-A along with newsletters, brochures and highlights of what was learned during the visit.