Flowers brighten Phillips’ woman’s life


FARMINGTON – Agnes Brook dug around the roots of the weeds with her gloved hands and a gardening tool and plucked the offensive greens from the rows of pink flowers.

She was weeding the flower garden Monday in front of the Franklin County Courthouse on Main Street.

The Mount Blue Area Garden Club planted all pink flowers there this year in recognition of breast cancer awareness

Brooks of Phillips has a lot of gardens at home, she said. She has 130 varieties of day lilies.

“It’s my thing,” Brooks said of gardening as she knelt on a yellow knee rest and worked her way up the line. “I just love it. It’s a good pastime for me. I have a passion for it.”

She stood to move her plastic-bag lined basket already full of weeds and her knees were wet with dirt from the ground.

Brooks said she doesn’t mind getting dirty while gardening.

She began the hobby when her children, now in their 40s, were teenagers.

“I love being outdoors. I love the excitement. I love the flowers. I love the beauty,” Brooks said. “I don’t mow the lawn, my husband does that, but I take care of the flowers.”

She also enjoys being a member of the gardening club.

“The garden club is great for me,” she said.

She gets to meet people, make friends and talk about her passion of growing and tending flowers.

The retired Sudbury, Mass., elementary school secretary moved to Maine in 1994, though she and her husband, have owned an old farmhouse in Phillips since 1964.

“We retired up here,” she said. “It was my husband’s plan to retire up here. I guess I didn’t really know how strong it was until retirement set in. We do love this part of Maine.”