Fly the flags


I went to Gracelawn Cemetery on Easter Sunday expecting to see the flags flying in memory of our fallen heroes.

Not one flag.

Not even our American flag, yet there were four cars at the office.

Why couldn’t someone care enough to remember our men on Easter Sunday?

It’s so sad to think of the way people feel today about our fallen heroes.

It took 10 years to get those flag poles up to remember our veterans.

Sorry, veterans. I tried.

Myrtle Cadenelli, Norway

Editor’s note: Gracelawn Memorial Park flies American flags over all veterans gravestones over the annual Memorial Day weekend, a tradition at the cemetery since it opened in 1937.  At the entrance to the cemetery, there are flag poles that display an American flag, flags for each branch of the Armed Services, POW/MIA flags and the Maine State flag. There are also two flags commemorating 9/11 at the cemetery entrance.