Flying Changes Center offers workshops


TOPSHAM – Flying Changes Center for Therapeutic Riding plans to offer four workshops in equine experimental healing as entry level training for teachers, therapists, interested learners and horse handlers.

Facilitated by the center’s equine facilitated psychotherapy staff, Dr. Nancy Coyne and Center Director Barbara Doughty, the two-hour workshops will be held at the center from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesdays, Feb. 14, March 21, April 11 and May 16. The cost is $75 for each session.

The workshops will be of benefit to teachers who work with horses and people or just with people, therapists who work with the body and/or the psyche and anyone who needs to develop better self-esteem, find inner power, practice relationship or gain a sense of direction for the next phase of their lives. Survivors of sexual or other trauma are welcome.

Workshop presenters will utilize material from the Eagala curriculum, Linda Kohanov’s Epona work and natural horsemanship, as well from their own experience with horses and people. Topics will include boundary setting, developing authentic community, finding a voice, emotions as information, trusting intuition, listening to the unsayable, and active and reflective round pen work.

Most of the work will be on the ground and there will be some opportunity on horseback in a safe environment at one’s own comfort level. Writing and drawing will be incorporated to map and mark experience with the horses.

In addition, a two-day intensive workshop will be offered at the center on June 2 and 3. Epona certified instructor Shelley Rosenberg will present material from her book, “My Horses, My Healers.” Coyne will present “Trauma and Healing from Trauma,” and Doughty will discuss her work with special needs children.

All previous workshop material will be reviewed in more depth to include active and reflective round pen work and the opportunity to explore a relationship sculpture with a partner (two- or four-footed).

For more information or workshop registration, contact the center at 729-0168 or [email protected] The center is located on Route 201.