Former Mexico student wants class ring back


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read your column daily online. I went to school in Mexico; I now live in Lima, Ohio. Sometime around 1974-75, I lost my high school class ring. It was Mexico High School Class of 75. It was an L.G. Balfour ring with a blue stone, size 9. It had my initials, BAW, inside.

If anybody has seen or knows the whereabouts of this ring, I would like to have it back. It may have been in the Lewiston-Auburn area as well as the Rumford-Mexico area, as I spent lots of time in L-A back then.

You can e-mail me at [email protected] or write to 336 S. Baxter St., Lima, OH 45801 Thanks in advance for your help. — Bruce Wotton

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two questions today. First, who has the right of way when coming off the turnpike exit in Auburn? It seems like everyone who comes in from the south wants to race to the left lane, and everyone from the north wants to rush to the right lane. Who’s got the right of way?

Second, can you please explain proper flag etiquette to the people in our area? I see so many U.S. flags waving torn and wet, also flying at night with no light. It doesn’t seem that people care anymore. Thanks. — Tim Giroux via e-mail

ANSWER: Sun Spots is not familiar with this particular intersection, but in general those exiting a highway via the ramp and entering the main thoroughfare are responsible for giving the right of way to those already traveling on the main roadway and would need to wait to switch lanes until traffic allows, following all the rules including use of turn signals. The same rule applies to those entering the turnpike: They should yield to those cars already on the turnpike.

However, if you are one of those drivers already cruising down the road and see someone trying to enter the roadway from a ramp, being courteous and letting them merge may help avoid an accident and may create good karma for you the next time you want to merge. For example, Mr. Sun Spots has taught Mrs. Sun Spots that if she is traveling in the right lane of a divided roadway and another car is trying to merge that, if the left lane is open, she should move over and let the merging car in. While this is not required by law, it makes driving easier and safer for all involved and saves a bit of gas if no one has to slow down or speed up dramatically.

As for flag etiquette, this is an ongoing issue that Sun Spots has addressed before. Sun Spots likes to give people the benefit of a doubt. By flying the flag they are trying to show their patriotism, not disrespect. They are just uninformed. Sun Spots found the following printer-friendly version explaining the do’s and don’ts for flying your flag at Perhaps you could print out a few. Some citizens might be grateful for the information if you are courteous and respectful in your approach.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am in the middle of a knitting project and am running low on yarn to complete it. I need Red Heart sport weight in country blue. I’m hoping that some Sun Spots’ readers have some stashed away and are willing to part with it. I’ll pay for the yarn and reimburse postage or arrange to pick up. I can be reached at [email protected] or 346-3062. — Marilyn, Minot

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How far back in the archives do you go? I am looking for the years 1974 and 1975. Thanks. — Barry Wright via e-mail

ANSWER: I’m afraid you are out of luck electronically and will have to resort to library microfiche for now. Currently, only the most recent stories are available online. Once the Sun Journal’s Web site is back to 100 percent, the archives will go back to 1998. Eventually, much more will be available online. Google has a massive scanning project under way and is scanning old newspapers all over the country. In the Sun Journal’s case, the scans include from the late 1800s to 1982, but when those will actually be available is uncertain.

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